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Japanese Embroidery UK is pleased to announce the creation of a new modular learning system for the beautiful art of traditional Japanese embroidery.

As traditionally trained Japanese embroidery tutors, we aim to pass on to you the art and techniques of this beautiful embroidery using our new, more accessible modules.

The new modular curriculum being offered by Japanese Embroidery UK covers all the widely used traditional techniques as well as some that are less well known, with each module increasing your skills and knowledge. Unlike the very traditional way of learning, copying and reproducing with no input, our new modules aim to stretch the students’ way of thinking from the first. In this way we aim to not only produce technically excellent embroiderers but those who can take Japanese embroidery into the future.

Japanese Embroidery UK offers a choice of learning. Students following the modular system would be taught alongside students who are following the Japanese Embroidery Center (USA) curriculum. We do not split the classes, they are all multi level and, with the addition of our modular system, will be multi stream as well.

If you follow our modular curriculum and attain proficiency in your embroidery, you will qualify with Japanese Embroidery UK and not through the American Center in Atlanta. The curriculum offered by the Japanese Embroidery Center is detailed at www.japaneseembroideryuk.com.

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Latest update: November 6th, 2019
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